Does Green Coffee Really Work?

A healthy way to lose fat

Natural pure green coffee beans contain chlorogenic acid which is tested and proven to have contributed greatly to weight loss in people especially the obese. This beans extract was tested on 16 participants in a period of 22 weeks who averaged a weight loss of 17 pounds.

How It Works

Green coffee beans have a number of benefits making it very popular among many people, the most common being its weight reduction. The fat loss catalyst is the chlorogenic acid which signals the liver to break down stored fat and also helps slow down the processing of sugar into glucose which in turn lowers the sugar content in the blood, this process is continuous making burning up of fats easier and faster while lowering the formation of excessive glucose in the system

During the extraction of chlorogenic acid, the amount of heat used during the roasting process should be regulated to avoid the loss of the majority content of the acid.

These extracts are also known to boost energy levels while working out. This is essential on every day routine to remain active and complete demanding tasks. On consumption of these supplements, your body is able to competently deal with any type of physical strain subjected to it.

Natural weight loss is mostly associated with exercises and a strict diet; however coffee beans have provided an easier, cheaper and faster way of fat loss without subjecting your body to unnecessary strain.

There are added some added benefits associated to consumption of these extracts apart from weight loss such as reduction of aging signs and elimination of hypertension and cardiovascular diseases.

These extracts are mostly marketed in pill or capsules form which on average contain 45% chlorogenic acid without any additives. They are readily found in the market but should be purchased from a trusted source to avoid poisoning or consumption of harmful substance.