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Selecting the Right Golf Driving Range

As a beginner, you might find the golf course intimidating. If this is the case, you can opt to play in a golf driving range instead. Golf courses usually have driving ranges where players could practice. They can be an outdoor driving range that operates all through the year or an indoor range that is only available in the winter.

In a driving range, you can work on your golf game without any pressure because you will not be paying for a full round of golf and will not compete with other players. You can hit as much as 100 balls or more in just a short period of time unlike with golf courses, you will be playing at least 4 hours to complete all 18 holes for a full round game. If you are new to golf, the golf driving range costs lower and more accessible than a golf course.

So how would you select the right golf driving range?

There are 4 things to consider when you look for a golf driving range.

1. Convenience

You should start looking for golf driving range near your area. Some golf courses are lighted at night while some are not. If you want to play golf even at night then you should opt for a lighted golf course. It is also an advantage if the golf driving range remains available during winter even if the golf course is closed.

2. Cost

The use of a golf driving range maybe cheaper than the golf course but the cost still varies depending on the facility. Some golf courses offer an all-day use of the driving range at a reasonable rate and still much lower than the cost of a full round of golf.

3. Lessons

If you want to take golf lessons to enhance your skills, some golf driving ranges provide PGA and LPGA professional lessons. While golf courses usually give lessons only at daytime, they can also give instructions at their driving ranges at night or during the winter when most golf courses are shut.

4. Practice

Unlike most golf courses, driving ranges offer more flexibility when it comes to practicing. You can spend as much time as you want to practice with any club that you want.

Other things to consider when you look for a golf driving range are: Does it allows use of a golf rangefinder? Does the driving range offer special technology in golf practice such as stalls that automatically stack golf balls when you hit them?

The right driving range will be able to offer the amenities that you need so you can improve your golf.